Responsible investments

a fiduciary duty to support the transition to a sustainable world

It is our fiduciary duty to support the transition to a more sustainable society. On behalf of our clients, we screen all the companies in which we invest based on specific ESG criteria. The socio-ethical principles on which we base the assessment of our investments are called our Fundamental Investment Principles. These principles play an important role in the risk management of our investments, in affecting the behaviour of companies and in contributing to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

ACTIAM's investment policy also takes the impact on the nine planetary boundaries into account. These have been identified by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The planetary boundaries indicate the maximum amount of natural resources humanity can use without exhausting the planet. ACTIAM also uses the methodology developed by fintech company Util, whereby companies are screened on their contribution to the SDGs and, for example, the Principles for Responsible Investments of the United Nations (UN PRI). 

Our Fundamental Investment Principles 

  • Human Rights

Companies have the social responsibility to respect human rights. Companies that observe socioeconomic human rights – such as the right to health, education, access to energy, water and sanitary facilities – achieve more than just a financially sound return.

Fundamental Labour Rights

ACTIAM complies with international standards in this regard. This means no child labour and no forced labour but freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and no discrimination in the workplace.


Corruption has many faces. Think of bribery, extortion, fraud, collusion, money laundering and favouritism. With ACTIAM, investors can rest assured that companies which are structurally involved in these kinds of practices will never be included in the portfolio.


We do not invest in activities that are damaging to the environment. We are very critical about pollution, loss of biodiversity and exhaustion of natural resources. Our benchmarks are the international guidelines. Companies not innovating in the area of CO2 reduction may violate our investment principles.


We do not invest in the production, development, trade, or in the distribution of controversial weapons or anything related to it.

Client and product integrity

We do not invest in companies that withhold, forge, or distort information, so we can protect the product safety, the human health and the quality of the environment. ACTIAM achieves returns without investing in the production of tobacco, pornography and in the provision of gambling and lottery games.

Animal welfare

ACTIAM does not invest in companies that are involved in malpractices in the area of animal welfare. We are not involved in the trade in protected species, plants, animal testing for cosmetic and household purposes unless a company is obliged by law to test a product in this fashion.

Please look at ACTIAM's goals for Climate, Water and Land and the instruments we use in responsible investing.