ESG Strategy Support

Development and optimization of a tailored SRI policy

The demand for socially responsible investments is growing rapidly. Stakeholders expect investors to actively contribute to society and the living environment. ACTIAM provides ESG Strategy Support. Based on the fundamental principles that lie at the core of our own investments, we offer our knowledge and experience that we employ for our own investments as a separate service.

With ESG Strategy Support, we help institutional investors to develop an adequate policy with respect to socially responsible investments. Additionally, we support the implementation of this policy as well as the reporting and communication around this policy.

Within the ESG Strategy Support platform, ACTIAM offers support with respect to screening for ESG risks, engagement with companies on sustainability, advice about voting, integration of ESG in investment decisions, measuring and reporting on sustainability performance and countervailing power on setting sustainable goals. This can be done in an integrated or modular manner.

ACTIAM supports institutional investors on setting ESG goals and the subsequent ESG strategy. We also carry out ESG research into companies, sectors and countries on ESG themes such as climate change, cyber security and whether employees earn a so-called 'living wage' so they can support their families. ESG Research is always tailored and focuses on specific topics and themes. Our extensive ESG expertise offers concrete answers to today's challenges.

Strategic advice and implementation

ACTIAM's ESG Strategy Support is based on a long-standing experience in this area. This support can have a strategic nature, but it can also be pragmatic when we, for example, help to formulate a mission and goals and select the instruments that can be deployed to comply with ESG related rules or regulations. We also provide countervailing power to our clients on the development of an ESG policy, including a voting and engagement policy and the actual execution of engagements and voting.

ESG screening

ESG research is nowadays a fundamental part of the investment process. ACTIAM can play a role in every single step. This is done based on generally recognised ethical principles, such as UN Global Compact and includes human rights, labour rights, environment, corruption and arms. We can also screen for any other required ESG theme.

Apart from that, ESG Strategy Support includes help in integrating ESG information into the investment process or portfolio construction. In this, the ESG scores of ACTIAM are an essential tool and give an indication of both the material impact and the consequences on society and the environment. Every portfolio can be screened based on the different scenarios, creating an insight that complements the traditional risk indicators which predominantly focus on the financial aspects.

Impact measurement

ACTIAM is a frontrunner when it comes to measuring the impact of the companies which are invested in. This impact can be positive as well as negative. ACTIAM uses its in-house developed ESG dashboard which gives a clear view on the individual ESG scores and the impact of the companies included in the investment portfolio. These scores include the carbon footprint, contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and, for example, whether or not a company operates in accordance with the UN Global Compact principles. This leads to more transparency and a better insight into the financial and social performance of investment funds.