ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund

NAV 4/10/2023
€ 1,393.28
Trade price 4/10/2023
€ 1,393.28

ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund open to new participants.

The ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund, formerly ACTIAM Institutional Microfinance III - AIMF III, with a nett 2021 return of 5.8% (in €)  strives for a positive social impact by providing private loans to financial institutions in emerging countries. In this way, ACTIAM wants to contribute to access to finance for micro and SME companies in these countries. The previously closed fund is now open for new professional investors. This allows them to join a fully invested portfolio with a successful track record. The fund also responds to the growing demand from investors to actively contribute to the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fund fits in well with the growth trend from the micro to the SME segment in this region. This is an important development as SMEs in emerging countries account for 45% of total employment, 4 out of 5 formal jobs and 33% of national income.

In order to provide MFIs with financing, ACTIAM cooperates with Developing World Markets (DWM). The ACTIAM Impact Investing team acts as fund manager, while DWM plays a role in selecting suitable investments, conducting due diligence, monitoring investments and reporting on investments.

An investment committee operates alongside the ACTIAM Impact Investing team and is responsible for making investment decisions and communication with and maintaining the relationship with (institutional) investors. The decisions are made on financial and social grounds. In both areas, a proposal must comply with the investment policy of ACTIAM Impact Investing. After a decision has been made to make an investment, DWM takes care of timely and regular monitoring of the investments and - in the event that an MFI gets into trouble - for finding adequate solutions that are socially and financially viable. The ACTIAM Impact Investing team reports to the fund participants on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.