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We have secured our websites to the extent possible in order to prevent misuse and so that you can visit our websites safely. All our employees who are authorised to see your personal data are obliged to keep it confidential.

Cookies ensure a pleasant visit to our websites

We want your experience of visiting our websites to be as pleasant and user-friendly as possible. This often requires cookies. Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. We are not always able to directly identify you personally when we use cookies. If you do not register with us and do not leave any personal data on our website, the website will only recognise a returning visitor from the cookie that was placed before.

Some cookies require your consent, but many don't
In principle, we may only place cookies if you have given your consent to do this. We ask for your consent on the website. You can also use the website to revoke your consent. We will then stop using or placing cookies. You can also remove the cookies from your computer, tablet or mobile phone at any time using the web browser of the relevant device.

Not all cookies require your consent.
Your consent is not required for cookies that are necessary for us to communicate with you online or to provide you with a service or product. These include cookies that are used to recognise you upon future visits to our website. With these cookies you will only need to provide your personal data or register your preferences for specific services or settings once. This allows us to keep improving the user-friendliness of our websites.

For what other purposes do we use cookies?
We also use cookies to collect data about the use of our website, including data on the number of website visitors. Cookies also allow us to understand which information is important to our visitors and which information is not. This allows us to provide you with a website that is of interest to you.

We may also use tracking cookies to personalise the website's content and to create a profile of you.

We use tracking cookies to keep track of the pages on our website that you visit and the search terms you enter. We combine this with other data, such as the website you came from, the date and time of your visit, the search engine you use and certain technical data including your browser settings and your operating system.

We store this data in a profile and add to it each time you visit our website. If you are already a customer, we may add your customer information to the profile.
We may only place tracking cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone if you provide your consent.

For how long is a cookie valid?
Many cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted automatically when you close your browser. Other cookies stay on your computer longer, depending on the type of cookie.

Third-party cookies
We may use external suppliers' advertising technology to gain insight into the effectiveness of internet advertisements that we place on our own websites and on those of third parties. These suppliers include DoubleClick and Google. The cookies placed by these suppliers are also known as 'third-party cookies'. We will also ask for your consent for these cookies. These cookies tell us from which website you came to our website. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of our advertisements on other websites.

We also use these cookies to keep track of the pages on our website that you visit and the search terms you enter. We record this data in your profile. If you then visit another website that uses the same advertising technology as we do, the cookie on your computer will be compared with the cookie data in our database. We will then use your profile to determine which of our advertisements you will be shown on that other website.

This advertising technology is used by the external suppliers from whom we purchase these advertising technology services to save data on your use of our websites. These external suppliers are not able to directly identify individuals on the basis of this data.

Other use of your customer profile
If you are our customer, we may use your profile to inform you about our products or services by post, telephone, text message or e-mail. If, for example, you displayed an interest in an investment fund when you visited our website, we may send you an offer by e-mail or by post.

Your profile may also be used by our employees when they communicate with you. We may also use your profile to provide you with more relevant information about products or services that may be of interest to you.

If you don't want us to use your profile to inform you about our products or services by post, telephone, text message or e-mail, please contact us at any time. Our contact details are set out at the bottom of this Cookie Statement.

Social Media
Our websites may include buttons for social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. This Cookie Statement does not apply to those social media. You are responsible for your use of social media. We recommend that you carefully read the privacy rules that apply to social media to ensure you know what happens to your personal data. Many social media providers are established outside the European Union and store your personal data outside the European Union. For this reason, it is possible that your personal data does not enjoy the same level of protection as it does within the European Union. If we have our own page on a social media platform, such as LinkedIn, this Cookie Statement does apply to the content of that page.

External links
Our website contains links to other external websites. This Cookie Statement does not apply to those websites. We always try to keep these external links up to date to ensure that they refer to the right websites. We are not responsible for the content of those websites and the way in which they handle your personal data.

We recommend that you always review the way in which those other websites handle your personal data.

Recording telephone conversations and other forms of communication
Some of our services are provided over the telephone. In some situations we may record these conversations, for example to verify and inspect orders and transactions, to prevent and combat fraud and to train and coach our employees. Where possible, you have the right to listen to the recorded conversation or to receive a written report of it.

If you apply for one of our products or services online, we will retain the data associated with the application. We may also choose to retain your click behaviour during and after completing the application for the purpose of preventing fraud. This allows us to identify applications that have possibly been completed untruthfully.

Do you want more information about your personal data?
You are entitled to ask which of your personal data we process. This right is laid down in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens). For more information about this kind of request, please see our privacy statement.

Amendments to the Cookie Statement
We may amend this Cookie Statement. We will do this when there is a change to the law or our policy, for example. We recommend that you review the Cookie Statement regularly when you visit our website.

Do you have questions or do you want more information?
Please contact us if you have any questions about this Cookie Statement.

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