ACTIAM signs Green Recovery Statement

23 June 2020 , Call for sustainable and green recovery after COVID-19

As one of the 224 Dutch companies, ACTIAM has signed the Green Recovery Statement. With the statement, a broad coalition calls on the Dutch government to make the recovery after the COVID-19 crisis above all a sustainable and green recovery. At the same time, the companies and financial institutions promise to continue to embed sustainability in their business operations.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most serious public health crises in recent history. In recent months, the Dutch approach has been aimed at keeping the virus under maximum control, not overloading healthcare and protecting vulnerable people in society. Controlling the pandemic remains the top priority, now that the number of infections is decreasing.

At the same time, the signatories call for the risks of climate change and the loss of biodiversity to be kept in mind. Acting now can not only strengthen our economy, but also prevent negative effects on our environment, society, people's well-being and business processes. The Green Recovery Statement therefore asks the Dutch government to consider the following points:

  1. Make the EU Green Deal the cornerstone of the EU recovery plans.
  2. Ensure that the investments resulting from the COVID-19 recovery plan further help the economy to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Agreement objectives.
  3. Continue to provide long-term certainty about the Dutch Climate Agreement and measurable obligations

Read the full statement of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition.

Why does ACTIAM participate?

From its fiduciary tasks, ACTIAM wants to actively contribute to solutions for societal challenges such as climate change, deforestation and water scarcity. These themes play an important role in our investment decisions and the unprecedented economic circumstances show that they more than ever deserve our attention. ACTIAM therefore supports this initiative that is closely aligned with our sustainability policy. We also see it as our responsibility to continue to encourage the government to put sustainability at the top of its recovery plan and to legislate where necessary.