ACTIAM introduces a microfinancing fund for retail investors

16 September 2021 , ACTIAM Impact Financial Inclusion Fund (ISIN: NL0015000GU4)

As of today, retail investors can invest in the ACTIAM Impact Financial Inclusion Fund (ISIN: NL0015000GU4). The flagship strategy, which until today was only accessible to institutional investors, offers retail investors the opportunity to invest in the development and professionalisation of smaller enterprises in emerging and developing countries. Through this fund, retail investors can join a strategy that has a demonstrable positive social impact as well as an attractive expected financial return.

The fund, which was launched today, builds on an investment strategy that has an excellent financial and social track record since 2014. Theo Brouwers, Managing Director of ACTIAM Impact Investing states: "Demand for investments among private persons is rising, especially now that interest on savings is at a historic low and everyone is looking for a return. At the same time, the demand for impact investing is increasing in line with the growing focus on sustainable funds, especially among the next generation investors. With the introduction of this fund, we are making impact investing available and widely accessible."

Positive contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The fund invests through the ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund (AFIF), which issues loans to financial institutions in emerging and developing countries. These specialised institutions (Microfinance Institutions or MFI’s) provide access to financial products and services, such as loans and saving accounts to local microenterprises, smaller SMEs and households. This contributes positively to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including No Poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Gender Equality. Brouwers: "More than 2 billion people do not have bank accounts. By investing in this fund, you increase for some of the low-income group’s access to financial services. The fund makes savings and small consumer credit accessible to the poorest groups. Such credits to small business owners and households also act as a driver of economic growth and employment. At the same time, it is a valuable alternative in the search for yield."

About the Impact Inclusion Fund

The ACTIAM Impact Financial Inclusion Fund is a long-term focused actively managed investment fund, taking into account the limited liquidity of the private loans in which the fund invests indirectly. The fund is tradable on Euronext every day, it has no entry or exit fees and has a minimum annual 3% net return target. ACTIAM provides annual insight into the measurable impact of the investments in the ACTIAM Impact Financial Inclusion Fund. This includes reporting on the number of loans issued and sharing practical examples of investments and how they have contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ACTIAM Impact Financial Inclusion Fund has been specially set up for Dutch retail investors and is available through our distribution partners. Ask your bank or broker about the options for investing.