ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund opened for professional investors

01 October 2019 , Flagship fund contributes to realisation of seven Sustainable Development Goals

ACTIAM Institutional Microfinance Fund III is renamed the ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund. This fund builds on the successful track record gained by the asset manager over the years in the field of microfinance.

Financial services where access is currently limited

The ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund's aim is to achieve positive social impact by extending private loans to financial institutions in emerging countries and thus to help microenterprises and MSMEs (micro and SME companies) to gain access to financing in such countries. New professional investors can join a portfolio which is already fully invested and which has a successful track record. The fund actively contributes to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fund responds to the growth trend from the micro to the MSME segment in this region. In emerging countries, the MSME sector accounts for 45% of all employment, 4 out of 5 formal jobs and 33% of national income.

Theo Brouwers, Managing Director of ACTIAM Impact Investing: "From a world population of 7.6 billion, there are still 1.7 billion people who don't have a bank account or mobile payment account. This is why financial inclusion forms part of seven out of the seventeen SDGs. This means that private customers and smaller enterprises have access to useful, affordable products and services that meet their needs and that are provided in a sustainable, responsible manner. ACTIAM believes that the financial sector has a fiduciary role in leading this transition towards a sustainable society. The ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund makes an excellent contribution in this respect - following the ACTIAM Institutional Microfinance Funds I and II."

Leading in results and action

ACTIAM has over 12 years of experience in the field of microfinancing; in 2007, ACTIAM was the first asset manager to launch a microfinancing fund for institutional investors. Since then, the asset manager has extended more than USD 2 billion in loans to microfinancing institutions and provided credit to more than 2.5 million entrepreneurs. In doing so, ACTIAM has built up an excellent track record, with returns outperforming the benchmark year after year. This was achieved, for instance, by cost control and limiting the number and the size of defaults. Through proactive knowledge sharing, collaboration and active participation in network organisations, the asset manager also contributes to further professionalisation of impact investing in general and microfinancing in particular.