Allianz appoints Cardano as asset manager for two pension schemes in the Netherlands

08 March 2023 , Press release
After an extensive search, Allianz has chosen Cardano, as its asset manager for the defined contribution schemes of Allianz Pensioen and Allianz PPI Pensioen in the Netherlands. In total, Cardano will manage more than €2 billion of assets for Allianz.
The partnership with Cardano further strengthens Allianz’s sustainability ambitions and by doing so, both Allianz and Allianz PPI will commit to the sustainability ambitions of Allianz worldwide. The cooperation will furthermore simplify the portfolio management by having one asset manager. The partnership will lead to an increased focus on sustainability while maintaining the risk profiles for the participants.

Kjeld Boerendonk, Chairman of the Board of Allianz Premie Pensioen Instelling, said: “We chose Cardano because of their experience in partnering with other big insurance companies and pension funds, as well as their experience in managing sustainable defined contribution schemes. We look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

Maureen Schlejen, Chief Commercial Officer, Cardano Netherlands, commented: “We are excited to work with Allianz, to manage the assets and to contribute to the sustainability targets. Furthermore, this partnership is a nice example where we can leverage from the joint backgrounds of both Cardano and ACTIAM.”