ACTIAM first asset manager in The Netherlands with a science based climate target

04 November 2022 , Press release
ACTIAM is the first asset manager in The Netherlands with a climate target approval by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). This means that ACTIAM’s way of reducing greenhouse emissions aligns with the latest climate scientific insights to reduce global warming to 1,5 °C in 2050.  

SBTi is an alliance of, among others, the UN, WWF and World Resources Institute. It helps companies to convert their ambitions to reduce emission of greenhouse gas to scientifically substantiated targets. Asset manager ACTIAM is part of Cardano and is an expert in the field of sustainable investments.

Acknowledgement of ACTIAM’s strategy

ACTIAM receives SBTi’s science based label on the eve of climate conference COP27 in Egypt. Asset manager ACTIAM regards this scientific approval of their climate target as an acknowledgement of their strategy to stimulate companies to meet the Paris climate agreement. “We expect the companies in which we invest to underpin their climate goals scientifically. We consider it only natural to lead by example”, says Dennis van der Putten, Director Sustainability & Corporate Strategy of Cardano ACTIAM.

Annual emission reduction of 7%

ACTIAM aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, with intermediate milestones of greenhouse emission reduction of 50% in 2030 and of 75% in 2040, compared with 2020. The intention is to reduce annual emission with 7%. ACTIAM’s strategy includes what instruments and steps are required to reach these targets. “We examine in detail whether companies transform their methods of production fast enough. We do this based on decarbonisation paths which are considered realistically by the latest scientific insights”, says Dennis van der Putten.

Towards a no emission system   

More and more companies have the scientific basis of their climate goals assessed by SBTi  worldwide. An approved goal shows these companies are taking the process of reducing atmospheric carbon emissions seriously. SBTi assess whether climate goals and strategies of companies and financial institutions align with their strict criteria. These criteria align with the Paris climate agreement and aim to realize a no emission economic system.